Thursday, March 8, 2012

Philosophy's "Cocktail Party"

This arrived yesterday via UPS and I was completely surprised! Sure, my birthday was last week, but being sick sort of made everything kinda fuzzy. So, I really had no idea what the package was or who it might be from. Turns out, my stepsister sent this and I'm glad as I quite like it. I don't think this is the first "Cocktail Party" set, as I have a set of shower gels I could swear came in a set by that name. My fave from that set was Senior Margarita so I'm glad this set came with one :) The lip gloss is nice. Sort of the same gloss Phiosophy always does - which is nice. The only gloss I ever found to be a standout from them was the Toasting Marshmallows one and that was purely for the scent. I don't think any of their glosses ever have much color. I'm sure that makes them more marketable, but it would be nice for long term Philosophy fans to get a color product in their gift sets. We HAVE plenty of clear gloss now, thanks.

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