Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color Craze nailpolish sets

Out and about today I happened upon these LA Colors nailpolish sets. I'd seen them before and decided against them, but today I was weak. There was a set of full size bottles, then there were these 2 sets of minis. I find mini ANYTHING tough to resist. Especially in a makeup item. I just never finish anything, so minis work for me.
It was tough to capture the glitter in the second set as I shot the pictures at night with flash. The 2 sets were definitely made to go together. There's a purple glitter to go over the purple cream, a gorgeous teal glitter to go over the teal blue cream. There're silver and gold glitter too, which will mix and match well. The pink one (2nd from the left) is a very pretty jelly with microglitter that almost glows! Is that the "holo" I hear people talk about?

What really impressed me about these nail polishes is that they're "3 Big Free" - no toulene, formeldahyde or DPB. That's something the higher end brands are doing now. It's nice to have a healthier product that's so affordable. Each set of 5 mini polishes was $2.99 and that is a bargain.

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